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§ 1


These Regulations specify the principles of your use of the Newsletter and the issues related to the processing of your personal data by Dominika Naziębły via the website under the address http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/.

§ 2


1.       “the Newsletter Form” – shall mean an interactive form, being a free service provided electronically, which shall be filled in with the view to the conclusion of a Newsletter Agreement,

2.       “the Confirmation” – shall mean an e-mail sent to you by Dominika Naziębły, after the activation of the “Subscribe” button to the e-mail address specified in the Newsletter Form,

3.       “the Newsletter” – shall mean a free service provided electronically by Dominika Naziębły for you by sending an e-mail, by means of which Dominika Naziębły shall inform you of new events,

4.       “the Regulations” – shall mean these Regulations,

5.       “the Newsletter Agreement” - shall mean an agreement concluded between you and Dominika Naziębły and concerning the provision of the Newsletter Service.

§ 3

General Provisions

1.       These Regulations have been drawn up in the Polish language and in compliance with Polish law.

2.       You are obliged to submit true data with the view to being able to use the Regulations.

3.       Dominika Naziębły shall provide a Newsletter service to you free of charge.

4.       Dominika Naziębły guarantees that the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/ shall operate in the following browsers: IE version 7 or higher, Firefox version 3 or higher, Opera version 9 or higher, Chrome version 10 or higher, Safari with the installed recent versions of JAVA and FLASH, on the screens with the horizontal resolution over 1024 pixels. The use of software of any third party companies which may impact the operation and functionality of the browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari may impact the correct website display and therefore with the view to obtaining a full functionality of the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/, all such software shall be switched off.

5.       It is necessary that you dispose of the following elements to be able to use the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/:

a)      hardware with Internet access enabling to use Internet resources,

b)      an active e-mail box,

c)       an Internet browser enabling the display of the websites. It is recommended to use one of the browsers specified in section 3 hereof with the activated “cookies” option.

6.       You shall be prohibited to:

a)      submit the contents of illegal nature, including the contents contrary to the principles of social coexistence

b)      use the Newsletter in a manner which makes its operation difficult or troublesome for Dominika Naziębły, or other users.

7.       Dominika Naziębły hereby informs that she uses cryptographic protection of electronic transfer and digital contents by means of the implementation of appropriate logistic, organizational and technical measures, and especially with the view to prevention of access of any third parties to such data, also by means of SSL encryption, the use of access passwords and anti-virus programmes, or the programmes against unwanted software.

8.       Dominika Naziębły hereby informs that despite the use of protections as specified in section 7 above, the use of the Internet and services provided by electronic means can be threatened by the installation of malware in your ICT system and your hardware or by obtaining access to data present in this hardware by any third parties. With the view to minimisation of the aforementioned threat Dominika Naziębły recommends to use anti-virus programmes or other means of website identification protection.

9.       The acceptance of the Regulations is voluntary, however in the case of lack of its acceptance you shall not have the right to use the Newsletter service.

§ 4

Cookies policy

1.       Dominika Naziębły does not collect any information in an automatic manner, except for information contained in cookie files.

2.       Cookie files (the so-called “cookies”) are IT data, and especially text files which are stored in your end device and which are necessary for the use of the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/. The cookie files usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, the storage time in the end device and the unique number.

3.        Dominika Naziębły shall be the entity placing cookie files in your end device and obtaining access to them.

4.        Cookies files are used with the view to:

a)       adapting the contents of the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/ to your preferences and the optimisation of the use of the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/; especially these files make it possible to recognize your device and appropriately display the website adapted to your individual needs;

b)       preparation of the statistics which make it possible to understand how you use the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/, which makes it possible to improve its structure and contents.

5.       Dominika Naziębły uses two basic cookie file types: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in your end device until you leave the website or switch off the software (the browser). Persistent cookies are stored in your end device during the time specified in the cookies parameters or until they have been removed by you.

6.        The following cookie files are used:

a) “indispensable” cookies, which make it possible to use the services available under the website 
      http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/, e.g. authentication cookies used     
      for the services that require authentication under the website
cookies used for providing safety, e.g. used for 
      the detection of authentication abuse under the website
“performance” cookies, enabling the collection of information on the manner of use of the website
d) “
functional” cookies, which make it possible to “save” 
      the settings selected by you and the personalisation of your interface, e.g. in the scope of a language or a region you come from, 
      a font size, the appearance of the website, etc.;
e) “advertisement” cookies, enabling the provision of advertisement contents to you that are more
      adapted to your interests.

7. In many cases the software used for viewing websites
      (a browser) enables the storage of cookies by default     
      in the end device. You can chance the setting concerning cookies
      at any time. These settings can be changed especially in such a manner
      which enables to block automatic cookies servicing in browser settings
      or which informs on saving them in your device upon each such occasion.
      Detailed information on the possibilities and manners of handling cookies has been included in software settings (of the browser).         
8.  Dominika Naziębły hereby informs that the restrictions in the use of cookies can impact     
      some functionalities available at the website http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/.

§ 5

A Newsletter

1.       You can conclude a Newsletter Agreement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the whole year.

2.       With the view to the conclusion of the Newsletter agreement you shall at least:

a)      fill in the Newsletter Form,

b)      accept the Regulations,

c)       give your consent to the processing of your personal data stated in the Newsletter Form by Dominika Naziębły

d)      give your consent to the reception of commercial information from Dominika Naziębły under the Newsletter service,

e)      activate the “Subscribe” button,

3.       The consents specified in section 2 are granted voluntarily and can be revoked at any moment by you, which however shall prevent you from the use of the Newsletter.

4.       After the activation of the “Subscribe” button you shall receive a Confirmation containing an activation link in an e-mail specified in the Newsletter Form.

5.       Upon the activation of the link specified in section 3 above, a Newsletter Agreement is concluded between you and Dominika Naziębły for an indefinite period of time.

6.       You can also terminate the Newsletter Agreement at any moment by means of running the appropriate link in the email sent by Dominika Naziębły at your e-mail address

§ 6


1.       You shall have the right to lodge complaints on working days, between 8.00 am and 4 pm.

2.       Dominika Naziębły recommends to include the following information in the complaint lodged by you:

a)      your contact data,

b)      the reason of the complaint,

c)       what you request.

3.       The recommendations specified in section 2 above are only aimed at the facilitation of the review of your complaint by Dominika Naziębły. Non-compliance with these recommendations by you shall not lead to any consequences and especially it shall not result in the revocation or denial of complaint review.

4.       Dominika Naziębły shall review your complaint within 14 calendar days and she shall present her opinion thereon by sending you an answer to e-mail address from which a complaint has been sent.

§ 7

Data Administrator

1.       The Administrator of your personal data shall be Dominika Naziębły conducting business activity under the name of Dominika Naziębły DESIGN STUDIO, with the registered address at ul. Warszawska 118, 96 – 320 Mszczonów, entered into the do Central Registration and Information on Business by the competent minister for economy matters, a holder of a Statistical No. (REGON) 143782747 and tax identification no. (NIP) 8381793940,  with e-mail address wislaki@dominikanaziebly.com, hereinafter referred to as “the Data Administrator”.

2.       The Data Administrator hereby informs that your personal data are processed as a set entitled “Klienci sklepu internetowego shop.wislaki.com”, in relation to which an application for registration has been filed at the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.

3.       The Data Administrator has not appointed an Information Safety Administrator and therefore she independently performs the obligations specified in the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29th, 1997 (hereinafter referred to as “the PDPA”).

§ 8

Legal basis for the processing of your data


1.       Legal basis for the processing of your data shall be:

a)      a consent granted by you (in compliance with article 23 (1.1) of the PDPA)

b)      the compliance with legally justified objectives to be attained by the Data Administrator, or by data recipients (article 23 (1.5) of the PDPA), which in compliance with article 23 (4) of the PDPA shall especially be direct marketing of own products and services of the Data Administrator and pursuing claims under the business activity conducted by the Data Administrator.

2.       Granting the consents specified in section 1 (a) above and the submission of your personal data on any of the bases specified above is voluntary, however the lack of your consent to their processing and the refusal to submit the data specified as obligatory shall make it impossible to use the Newsletter published on the website of the Data Administrator.

3.       The granted consent as specified in section 1 (a) of this paragraph can be revoked by you at any moment, and the submitted personal data can be removed by you personally or by sending a request to the Data Administrator in this scope to the address wislaki@dominikanaziebly.com.

§ 9

Legal basis for the processing of your data

1.       The personal data submitted by you shall be processed with the view to the objective and under the scope resulting from the consents granted by you.

2.       The Data Administrator shall process the e-mail address, the name and the surname specified by you with the view to sending you a Newsletter (commercial information) and with the view to marketing objectives.

3.       The Data Administrator shall process your personal data with the view to marketing objectives on the basis on the premise specified in § 3 (1.a) and § 3 (1.b) of the Policy.

4.       The Data Administrator shall process your personal data with the view to sending a Newsletter on the basis on the premise specified in  § 3 (1.a) of the Policy.

§ 10


Your personal data shall be disclosed to appropriate state bodies or to the third parties, if such obligation results from generally applicable law.

§ 11


1.       You are entitled to obtain access to your personal data and to correct them.

2.       You have the right to obtain the following information from the Data Administrator:

a)      concerning the objective, the scope and the manner of your personal data processing under a given data set,

b)      since when your data are processed within a given set,

c)       concerning the source from which your data originate,

d)      concerning the recipients or the categories of recipients to whom your data are made available.

3.       Moreover, upon your request the Data Administrator shall complete, update and correct your personal data, and she shall also hold (temporarily or permanently) their processing or she shall delete them, if your data prove to be incomplete, outdated, untrue or if they have been collected contrary to the Act, or if they are no longer needed for the achievement of the objective, for which they have been collected.

4.       Moreover, in the case of processing of your personal data by the Data Administrator with the view to direct marketing in compliance with article 23 (1.5) of the Personal Data Protection Act, you shall have the right to:

a)      lodge a substantiated written request concerning the discontinuation of your personal data processing due to your special situation,

b)       lodge a complaint.

5.       In order to exercise the rights specified in this paragraph you should send an appropriate request to the Data Administrator to e-mail address wislaki@dominikanaziebly.com.

§ 12

The principles of personal data protection

1.       Your personal data are processed in compliance with Polish law, and especially in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on the Provision of Services by Electronic Means dated July 18th, 2002 (Polish Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422)

2.       The Data Administrator has implemented organizational and technical measures ensuring the protection of personal data processing and adapted to the hazards and data categories covered with the protection, and especially she has protected your personal data against their disclosure to unauthorised persons, their acquisition by an unauthorised person, processing contrary to the act and modification, loss or destruction.

3.       The Data Administrator has implemented the security policy and the instructions of IT system management in compliance with the requirements of the Minister of the Interior and the Administration concerning the documentation of personal data protection and technical conditions to be fulfilled by devices and IT systems used for personal data processing, dated April 29th, 2004 (Polish Journal of Laws no. 100, item 1024).

4.       Your personal data may be processed exclusively by the persons holding the authorisation of the Data Administrator, trained in the area of personal data protection in compliance with documentation specified in section 3 of this paragraph and obliged to maintain the secrecy of your personal data.


§ 13


1.       Data Administrator reserves the right to amend the Policy at any moment by publishing the amended Policy on the website under the following address: http://eu-shop.wislaki.com/.

2.       The Policy in its new wording shall enter into force on the day on which it has been published under the address specified in section 1 of this paragraph.