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We are looking for a dialogue between ecology, fashion, environmental protection and funny animals from the Vistula River.

KingfisherRobinOtterCormorantBluethroatWoodpeckerEagleSquirrelHedgehogMoleGull LaughingBoarSealPorpoise

Click on any image and get to know our inspiration, have fun :)


We are the first in Poland Fashion brand, which has its origin in crowdfunding. Before we created the brand, more than 40 editorial websites and magazines such as Newsweek, Art & Business, Glamour, Forbes.pl, e! Stilo, F5 and many others have believed and trusted in WISLAKI idea. The project was supported by 145 private founders. The collected funds allowed us to create the first collection of WISLAKI clothes. The premiere of the collection took place on 6 December 2014. Our Partners in crowdfunding are featured below in detail.


Ecology in fashion is for us a fundamental element of thinking about design in general. We want to build consumer awareness. Each stage of making the brand ranging from the clothes design, through the choice of materials, prints, packaging, we design and do in environmentally friendly way. WISLAKI clothes are made from organic cotton certified GOTS. We design and produce locally in Poland.


We create clothes for children and adults. The heroes of our collection are animals from Vistula River which are protected species. There are : KINGFISHER, OTTER, BEAVER, ROBIN, WOODPECKER, BLUETHROAT, CORMORANT, EAGLE. WISLAKI are clothes like: unisex sweatshirts, longsleeves, t-shirts, baby bodysuits, rompers, sweatshirts and harem pants. Clothes are designed by Dominika Naziębły – eco_designer. Illustrations of animals are the work of well-known illustrators Agata Dudek and Małgorzata Nowak. 

The idea of the brand is based on blacks and whites which draws attention to the value of product. Fashion is a tool for communication of values, not only the need to have the clothes itself. Monochrome and disobliging colors are the fields for an imagination and the possibility to explore color within yourself. 


We protect animals from Vistula River – the heros of our clothes. 5 PLN (around 1 Euro) from the sale of each product our brand WISLAKI transfers to Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków (http://otop.org.pl/) – organization which supports animals under protection. 

In February, 2015 we joined the international campaign Fur Free Retailer . The program recognizes and supports retailers who have committed, in writing, to a no-fur policy in fashion.


We promote ecology in fashion, we want to show things you do not see every day. We present animals under protection from the Vistula River in Warsaw, Poland. We appreciate the locality and we do believe that our project will motivate to explore the nearest environment and to stay closer to the nature.


WISLAKI is a world with a grain of salt, we create products to give you an original clothing with a sense of joy and fun same time. :)


Dominika Naziębły, Łukasz Gosławski